Under Armour 2018 annual income of $ 7.5 billion hub A large part of revenue from overseas business expansion, Under Armour Inc. plans to outside North America in 2018 more than 800 new stores, so that the proportion of overseas revenue rose 9 percent from the previous fiscal year doubled to 18 %. 2010 to enter the Chinese market, the Group has set up 75 stores in China, Kevin Plank early September to China, said the rally after October 1 Tiankai intensive expansion of a store after the end of the total number of Chinese stores will be more than 100. Next focus on the expansion of the market as Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and other Southeast Asian emerging markets is also a goal of the Under Armour Under Armour hopes to eventually build a global brand. In addition to sportswear started the group will continue from footwear, global consumers directly to new areas and channels of Internet Connected Fitness gym and other services to promote the development of the Group. In the last two quarters, Under Armour Inc. continued strong, not only revenues beyond market expectations, but after a quarter raised full-year revenue and earnings targets again mens under armour.

Second quarter revenue grew by 28.5% to $ 783.6 million, better than the market forecast of $ 761.5 million, 21 consecutive quarters of 20% + growth. Despite the stronger dollar, overseas revenue still rose 93.4% year on year to US $ 8,923.9 million and accounted for 11%; Connected Fitness Fitness Internet more revenue rose 147.8 percent from a year earlier to $ 5.474 million US dollars 1,356.2 million. However, net profit due Connected Fitness cheap under armour clothing Fitness Internet business-building so that SG & A expenses increase by 31% while the annual decline of 16.5% to $ 1,4766.6 million, or $ 0.07 per share, though, and $ 0.08 a year earlier, but slightly more than market expectations of $ 0.05. Group full-year revenue forecast to $ 3.84 billion from $ 3.78 billion the previous, slightly more than market expectations of $ 3.82 billion; operating profit is also expected from the previous one hundred million US dollars raised 4.00-4.08 4.05-4.08 billion.

Seven years ago only Fitbit launched the first sports bracelet, four years ago, Nike expanded by FuelBand wearable art, Under Armour now launched its first set of intelligent hardware, is it late? No, in fact in this sports training suits and well-known company, we have begun quietly leading technology in the field of sports and fitness. At the recent meeting of CES2016 Under Armour announced a partnership with IBM to jointly develop a set of exercise and health management in one app - UA Record, along with software iteration plan with the launch of a series of hardware devices that is Heal thBox. In view of the internal revenue growth higher than expected, Kevin Plank represents annual revenue of $ 4 billion a year ahead of the target. Under top athletes in endorsement invite NBA star Stephen Curry, golf star Jordan Spieth, ballet star Misty Copeland and other fields, and continuously expand new impetus multiple categories, Under Armour Inc. shares in 2015 has risen by 52%, far 19.3% of the Group outperformed the biggest competitors of Nike rose, while the S & P 500 index is down 3%. Under Armour Inc. yesterday also announced the 2015 NBA star headed chief of the Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry Stephen Curry's contract until 2024 under armour footwear.

under armour baby boy clothes This is a collaboration with HTC to develop intelligent hardware, including bracelets UA Band, scales UA Scale, as well as heart rate chest strap UA Heart Rate recording composition. Also can be used with the previously released UASpeed ​​form Gemini2 sports shoes and cooperation with the JBL wireless headset to work together. Let's talk UA Band, if you remember the HTC Grip plan, this bouncing long delay in the products listed in the Under Armor technical support, it has a new face appeared. UA Band has a very important role in the $ 400 in the Health Box, with a smooth, curved screen, with black and red wristbands, as well as the side of the physical buttons, people think of the Nike Fuel Band design . By UA Band curved screen, you can display your sports, including running, cycling, weight lifting and walking, etc., which can be customized UA Record in. But it is not with GPS (HTC Grip has plans to add GPS function) and heart rate monitoring, sounds and Fitbit ChargeHR positioned very close.

Speaking of heart rate monitor, this Health Box also has a very interesting product --UA Heart Rate. It is worn on the chest of a chest strap heart rate monitor, with an optical sensor, before and after exercise by recording your resting heart rate (heart rate, instead of activity) of the reaction movement. UA HeartRate position filled in some missing features on the UA Band, and more segments of usage scenarios. Officials say this UAHeart Rate and can be charged in half an hour, five days of use. Record when you pass these two hardware products after pairing, all motion information (including the use of Map My Run, etc.) can be integrated seamlessly. However, according to reports indicate the absence of the use of GPS, but the count is calculated by the acceleration, both on the hardware accuracy is also slightly lacking, Under Armour planned for the next version of the calibration firmware upgrade. UA Band and UA Heart Rate is a complex exercise and the introduction of products, while UA Scale is in line with the application's My Fitness Pal. Like with other scales that measure body weight and body fat, transfer data to Record under armour baby bag.